Telephone Answering Service

Now more than ever, people want a human connection. At AnswerPro, we will streamline all areas of your call answering with our live, professionally trained call agents, 24/7/365.

With AnswerPro’s telephone answering service, your callers will be greeted by a courteous and knowledgeable agent who will deliver a professional caller experience that’s sure to help boost your brand image.

Our trained staff are always ready to provide live answering services 24/7. Grow your business with AnswerPro and never miss a call again.

If you want to deliver a top-tier caller experience and increase your professional image at the same time, you are on the right page. As a 100% U.S. based answering service, we provide customized solutions that align to the needs of businesses of all sizes and in different industries.

Our live virtual receptionist team knows exactly how to interact with your callers on a professional level and represent the voice of your business — all through our logic based, custom call scripting telephony platform.

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24/7 Live Answering Services That Help Grow Your Business

If you are ready to grow your business and be virtually available 24/7/365, AnswerPro is the trusted partner for you. We work as an affordable extension of your business and we’re the perfect alternative to hiring an in-house administrative team. Many business owners rely on our call experts to answer their calls, which not only reduces labor costs, but improves service delivery to your callers.

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Answering Service Solutions

Our answering service solutions are affordable, professional and customized. Explore all of our services below.

24/7 Live Answering Service

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After Hours Answering Service

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Appointment Scheduling

At AnswerPro, we take pride in providing an effective method that is a viable alternative to hiring an in-house team — especially when it comes to appointment management.

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Call Routing

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First Responder Medical Messaging

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Lead Capture

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Message Taking

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Nurse Triage

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Pre-Screening Announcement

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Answer Every Opportunity

Did you know that around 60% of all communications take place over the phone? As you know, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression and you have to be ready and available for every opportunity.

Our team at AnswerPro knows this well. We believe that every call is important and can make a difference to your business. If you want to ensure a consistent and professional image for your business, you should focus on the best way to approach your call answering needs with AnswerPro. We’re here to support you with 24 hour live phone answering service, after-hours and even call overflow support, so you never miss a call again.

There are three main points that are linked to the value of a missed call. First is the cost of acquisition. Second is your call conversion rate. Third and the most important is the cost of a lost sale coming from not answering your phone.

At AnswerPro, we are 100% U.S. based and offer our clients custom solutions for their business communications needs. It’s important to mention that our bilingual answering services easily accommodates the needs of both English and Spanish speaking callers.

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No Two Industries or Calls are Alike

Do you know that close to 90% of callers hang up when reaching voicemail?

Missing an important business call can easily translate to poor customer service and potentially, a lost opportunity. Research has shown that the aggregate total of lost revenue that small business owners lose out on due to missed calls, is roughly $75 billion a year. How much have you lost in annual revenue from missed calls?

At AnswerPro, we know that no two calls are alike and that not picking up the phone leaves money on the table. This is why every business (in every industry) needs to consider our call answering service as a way to survive and thrive in the future.

Based in the United States, AnswerPro provides you with the best level of service on every call. As the most awarded service in the Midwest, we know what it takes to be the best when it comes to phone answering, call center services and virtual receptionist solutions. Since 1956, our primary focus is and has always been to provide premier answering services that will help your business succeed.

Medical Answering Services

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Veterinarian Answering Services

If you’re a DVM, building trust between you and your patients is absolutely essential.

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Contractor Answering Services

At first glance it doesn’t seem that contractors would need to rely on an inbound call center solution, but the reality is that they really do.

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Financial Services Answering Services

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Small Business Answering Services

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Real Estate Answering Services

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HVAC Answering Services

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HIPAA Compliance
AnswerPro is fully compliant with the HIPAA Standards for Privacy, Electronic Transactions and Security (including the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rule of 2013). AnswerPro has implemented policies, processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with Federal and State information security laws, regulations and rules and monitors ongoing compliance efforts and maintains various reporting mechanisms that are required by law of requested by its customers. AnswerPro recognizes that it is a key business partner with its customers and will continue to provide all of its various programs and services in accordance with the relevant requirement of all state and federal laws and regulations including as applicable HIPAA.

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More than just an outside answering service, AnswerPro is a team that is ready to help you grow your business by taking your communication to the next level.